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Assessor/instructor name Alan Smith (sample trainer 1)
Course attended Induction (sample course name 1)
Course venue Maple House - Room 1 (sample venue 1)
Course dates 24/01/2014

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The assessor/instructor's subject knowledge
The assessor/instructor's explanation of the tasks and activities
The use of different teaching methods helped you to understand the subject
The way the assessor/instructor checked your understanding of the subject
The assessor/instructor's fairness when dealing with you
How well your questions were dealt with
The way the room / teaching area was set out
The quality of the hand outs
The standard of the equipment and resources used
The support you received in preparation for your test (if applicable)
The length of the course
Your overall rating of the course
How safe did you feel whilst on the course

Please rate the course impact: Agree Strongly Agree Disagree Disagree Strongly Don't Know
Increased my confidence
Increased my knowledge and skills to enable me to do my job better
Improved my knowledge of health and safety in the workplace
Improved my chances to progress in my job or get promotion
Inspired me to want to learn new things

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